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“ANEKDOTA” is a collection of short stories written in the contemporary Indian background in the pandemic times. Complexities in human relationships, and the emotional bumpy rides from therein along with inexplicable bizarre characters come in and out at different times.


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ভাব হতে রূপে / Bhaab hote Roope

By Debashish Datta

Price- ₹ 159

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The Women In Darkness

By Aditya Ghosh

Price- ₹ 232

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শ্রাবণের ছায়াপথ / Shraboner Chhayapath

By Rathin Brahmachari

Price- ₹ 191

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Talking Animals – Let us hear them (A Climate Fiction)

By Dr. Suvro Biswas

Price- ₹ 214

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By Anjandev Roy

Price- ₹ 187

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Candle Scanner

By Prabir Das

Price- ₹ 214

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