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Role Of Residential School In Tribal Education

By Dr. Saraswati Hansdah & Dr. Sunita Acharya

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Unforgettable Tales for You

By Shilpika Rai

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Cholti Saral Kabitaguli

By Susil Ray

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TECHtonic Shift by author Sohini Bagchi is not just another book. It's a seminal work of research, with sizeable depth and width. Meant for just about anybody out there with a whole lot of questions to get answers to, regarding the last 4-odd decades of how the world of TECHnology has evolved and brought sea changes to the world we live in today. A well written and smooth reading book, this is a must-read and must-keep for anyone who wants to learn about the computer's splendid past in a simple and concise manner.


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Aaj Boumaar Biye

By Ananda Gopal Garai

Price- ₹ 214

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The Witches’ Pit – Discovery

By Ishita Padiyar

Price- ₹ 372

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Reminiscence : A wallow in nostalgia

By Amalendu Mandal

Price- ₹ 250

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Imaginations of the Tiya Bird

By Prananjan Saha

Price- ₹ 168

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By Dr. Avijit Dey

Price- ₹ 205

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Eklavya Atahpor O Anyanya Galpo

By Kuhoki

Price- ₹ 200

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