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“ANEKDOTA” is a collection of short stories written in the contemporary Indian background in the pandemic times. Complexities in human relationships, and the emotional bumpy rides from therein along with inexplicable bizarre characters come in and out at different times.


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Chhele meye manush karar samasya! Samadhan apnader hatei ছেলে মেয়ে মানুষ করার সমস্যা! সমাধান আপনাদের হাতেই

By Dr. Siddhartha Ganguli

Price- ₹ 259

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It’s not hard to apologise

By Meeta Chatterjee

Price- ₹ 364

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Jhara Pata

By Bijan Majumdar

Price- ₹ 168

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The Billionaire Farmer Changing the Lives of the Farmers by Ensuring Fair Price of Crops

By Mabroor Mahmood

Price- ₹ 191

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Adventures of Ikata and Tikata: The Ever Bright Expedition

By Chitra Raghavan

Price- ₹ 268

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Tarakeswarer Taraknath O Rajbalhater Rajballavi (Prachin Punthir Path Abalambane)

By Dr. Anup Kumar Santra

Price- ₹ 91

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