How to publish my novel in India?

Believe it or not, even the suspense queen Agatha Christie faced rejection continuously for 5 years before getting a publisher. Had you born at the end of 80’s or early 90’s you might have had to face the same fate. But today if you have authored and want to publish a novel then you don’t need to depend upon the acceptance or rejection mail from the traditional publisher. You can self publish your novel in as less as 14 days. All you need to do is get in touch with a noted self publishing house. From the scratch level they will assist you to make your novel critically praised and commercially successful.

The publishers have experienced people who can help proofread and edit the novel. Other than formatting and spell check, they also provide valuable suggestion regarding the writing style, subject etc., after doing research on that subject. This would help you to rethink and edit the weak areas. They can even do the editing on your behalf. The publishing house gives you all the flexibility with thorough editorial evaluation and editing. So to publish a novel, all you have to do is choose a publisher and select a package that suits your literary needs.

You can write your novel in English or in any vernacular language, a single publishing house can provide you all the support to self publish the novel. Along with editing, designing, illustrations and printing they will also help with marketing and distribution/selling.

Thanks to publishers like Power Publishers ( for publishing a novel easy and affordable leaving no tension on your head. Now you can use all your energy only to bring out that one masterpiece and leave the rest on the publishing house.