Betrayal in Arunachal

By Rick Brando

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Author is an Engineering graduate and an MBA; and working in a PSU as Manager for eleven years. Born and brought up in Naihati, author comes from a humble middle class family. His parents are retired teachers; and author is a proud father of a 7 year old Girl. Writing from imagery and creating unique characters, have been a long standing hobby for the author, from the college days. Father being a poet and story-writer by hobby, helped the author with conducive ambience of harboring talent in literary field. An avid follower of deduction/ thriller based stories and novels, he published his first book– ‘Four Deductions’, a book of five thriller stories and introduced the charismatic character of Arryaman Khare. The book was published from White Falcon Publishing House of Gurgaon and is available in known online platforms. One collection of poems has also been published in the name of ‘Lady with the Red Clip’, from White Falcon. Later one Kindle version of poetry ‘Distractions’ has been published. A Bengali book of eight stories has also been published in the name of ‘Raamdhanu o aro ekti’. Author is deeply influenced by the Buddhist philosophy and believes that, the world around us is not how we perceive; and that one has to keep on doing good work in his own way.

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This novel is actually the first attempt of an illustrated story-telling with Author’s flagship character Arryaman Khare, a retired IPS and a consultant for crimes. The context of the story is the beautiful and bountiful nature of Arunachal, where cynicism takes a front seat in the normal backdrop of mundane life. A group of friends tries to kick start a tea estate in the valley of Arunachal and tastes initial success. But eventually, greed, jealousy and baser instincts put them in a very precarious situation. The leader of the group, Smt. Shefali Chatterjee is kidnapped on her return to her abode at the valley. Story hence unfolds. The journey takes the readers to the ups and downs of the kidnapping with an introduction to a deputy of the detective Khare. The flavor of subtle deduction, observation and suddenness of events will intrigue the readers

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