The Kachhwaha Princess (A love story of Hira and Akbar)

By Ipsita Ray

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Marium Uz Zamani, Mallika e Hind, Wali Nemat Begam, Registan Ka Gulab, and many other names and titles were conferred to her, but her real name is still a mystery. Hira Kuwari, Harka bai, Maanmati, Harika, Shahi Bai are the several names provided in history. Popularly she was known as Jodha Bai.
On the other hand, we have the mighty emperor Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar. Situation and adversities had made him cruel & heartless – a person who knew no love. He only understood the language of the sword, war and bloodshed. But during an incognito recce in Amer, it was his love at first sight with Heer. Time stopped for him, right there. Making her his own seemed the only purpose in life.
Heer has similar feelings, But! He was a Mughal. No, she could not love him, he was the enemy! He was the Jallad – heartless and cruel! She was a picture of kindness; he is a picture of fear.
This takes you through a roller-coaster of emotions, of Heer not being able decide on what she feels, and Jalal not understanding his love. From Heer protecting her husband from his enemies, to Akbar changing the rules and regulation of the harem for her, they together brought about the Golden era of the Mughal Empire.
But they had to face stiff opposition. From Jalal’s Milk mother Mahamanga, to her Son Adham Khan, his Brother-in-Law Shariffuddin. To add more spice, there were the Islamic leaders who served Jalal with many fatwas, for his religious policies and his liberal mindset.
Come and live the journey of a brave Katchwaha Princess to becoming the Mallika-e-Hind of the most powerful empire of its time.
Witness the journey of Jalaluddin Akbar from a cruel heartless emperor to the people’s emperor Akbar-e-Azam.
Come and live the untold story of their pure and true love with:
The Katchwaha Princess
The love story of Heer and Akbar.

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