Nobhonil Kujjhatika

By Arijit Debroy

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কাব্য সংকলন

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Even in our mechanical life sometimes expressions like love, separation, joy, laughter, tears are born in our indestructible and eternal mind. In this book all these emotions and vibrations are weaved in a web of rhythm. Dreaming of any desired object and the hard work of transforming it into reality is mixed in every corner of this book.
Just as the sun of the day suddenly spreads its glittering light in the lap of the cloud-covered sky, some of the memories that remains in the depths of our mind will spread its spark of their new awakening in this book. These poems captures resonances of the memories and feelings in the black and white prison of words and rhymes.
I think the readers of this book will surely find the harmony of their life experiences and momentary feelings in every poem and they will even find the sweetest extract of various lovely emotions and estrangement of loved ones hidden in our day to day busy life. These compiled poems will remind the readers of the many unspoken words hidden in the silence between the sounds of their heartbeats.

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