It’s not hard to apologise

By Meeta Chatterjee

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Do you think saying sorry (apologising) is difficult?
In this story, our character, Bonny the Bunny faces a situation where he learns that acknowledging mistakes  and apologising can turn him into a hero. Reading books on social skills introduces children to the basic concepts of human interactions such as apologising, taking turns, sharing and empathising. Such stories often feature characters facing situations that children can relate to, helping them to understand appropriate
behaviour in different contexts.

With a lifetime dedication to education, Meeta Chatterjee’s journey as an Elementary and Preschool teacher in India and the USA has been commendable. Her captivating storytelling techniques have always engaged and inspired young audiences. Meeta has designed and conducted effective training sessions for Pre Primary Educators which have been highly appreciated in professional circles. After fulfilling a stint as Principal of a Pre Primary School, Meeta has embarked on a new journey: writing books for children. Drawing from her rich experiences in the classroom, her easy-to-follow tales are imbued with warmth and wisdom.

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